Almost 10 years ago the story of Food Studio began. At first, it was just a place to gather with friends, cook and have fun. But what happened, was that the word went viral and people started to ask if we`d do cooking lessons for others as well. So, we started giving cooking seminars and it got very popular. As time went on, Food Studio`s popularity grew and eventually it was the coolest place in Tallinn to learn cooking. People started asking if it would be possible for us to cater at their homes, garden parties or company events. Whenever possible, we did comply, but with time we understood that it’s too difficult. Yet, we have always liked difficult situations because through them we have grown and moved forward.


That’s why we made our own Food Truck!




Food Truck gives us endless possibilities.

For example, if you want to host a fancy garden party, but you can’t cook or it’s not possible, then you can order our Food Truck with the professional chefs right to your party.


We cook the food and you can chit-chat with the friends. Sounds cool, right? Or whatever event you have in mind – going camping with colleagues, company’s summer days, or surprise the workers at your location and make the lunchtime special! Everything is possible!


In our Food Truck, we have a big gas-lit grill with 3 cooking stations, an actual smoke oven and, of course, a Big Green Egg! Our chefs are professionals who have a lot of experience in making different foods, so don’t worry – we can do everything and make the party as special as it can be!


So, if some cool ideas popped into mind, give us a call or write an email and let’s discuss how we can make it happen!

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